DTF(Direct To Film)

Full color transfers for heat press application with NO MINIMUMS!

2-3 Day Turnaround!!

DTF vs. Sublimation: Which is right for me?

DTF(Direct To Film):

Full color, custom direct to film transfer that is digitally printed and ready to press. DTF can be applied to cotton, poly, or blends in any color. They are vibrant with a soft hand with durability up to 50 washes. Our direct to film prints offer all the benefits of screen prints but without the minimums.

-Full color + white
-Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
-Soft feel
-Great durability
-Gang sheets available here


Prints color but will NOT print white. Anywhere there is white in the image, it will take on the color of the substrate it is being applied to. Sublimation will only adhere to 50% or more polyester. The higher the polyester content, the more vibrant the image will be. Sublimation will only show up on light colors. You will not see the image if applied to a dark color. Sublimation will have a very soft hand since it is a process of where the ink becomes part of the garment instead of laying on top if it.

-Full color/No White
-Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
-Softest feel
-Great durability
-Gang sheets available here
-Only applies to 50% or more polyester and must be a light color


** If you need a size that is not listed, please email us for a quote at sales@getmytransfers.com**

**Antigro Gang Sheet Builder Updates**

You can now pick the size of your gang sheet you need to make and it will automatically open the gang sheet builder with the size you specified. Once your gang sheet is complete, you will be redirected to the cart page where you can view your gang sheet. This means no having to go back and guess what size your gang sheet is to add it to the cart! You can also edit your gang sheet from the cart page!