DTF Pressing Instructions

Heat Press is recommended for DTF prints.

Recommended Fabrics: Cotton, Blends, Polyester, etc…

Temperature Range Cotton: 300°F-320°F

Temperature Range Polyester & Blends: 280°F-290°F

Press Time: 1st Press 10 seconds without Teflon Sheet; Second Press 5 seconds with Teflon Sheet.

Pressure: High

Peel: Cold


  1. Set heat press machine to desired temperature.
  2. Place garment on pad, smooth wrinkles and remove any lint or foreign material from the surface of the garment. Pre-press garment for 5 seconds to release moisture.
  3. Center transfer on shirt/material and press for 10 seconds (do not use Teflon sheet for 1st press). Release heat press and remove film. Peel transfer COLD.
  4. Next, place Teflon sheet on top of image and press again using the same settings as before for 5 Seconds.
  5. Release heat press, remove Teflon sheet and your garment is ready to wear.